With your support, we will be ‘out in the field’ in 2014, seeking to bring hope and healing to the poor, who are trapped and imprisoned in conditions of hunger, malnutrition, and illiteracy. The people we work with, in the rural areas, are the poorest. They are disconnected from market forces of economic growth. These are the nameless, who need to hear that there are those who care about them, and their little ones, in a sea of hopelessness. However, with needed resources for primary health care, clean water, and education, they can change their future.

Four New Wells Installed

In the months from August through November we installed four new wells, including at three villages, Sayi, Namakando and Sikombela, as well as the Katombora Basic School. The well in Sayi Village is a hand-dug well, that is around 11 meters deep, with a water yield of one liter a second (in the dry season). This village has a population of 56 people. The new well at Sikombela will serve a village of 32 people. And the well at Namakando will support the 52 people of the village, but will also support the extended local community.

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Borehole for Katombora Basic School

Some student walk over five miles to school each day, and on many occasions after arriving at school, they are told that the school was closed due to no water. This is not only an inconvenience to these dedicated students, but hinders their learning. Partners In Development recently completed the installation of a much-needed borehole at the Katombora Basic School. The borehole will yield one liter of water per second, and will provide water for over 350 school children, faculty, and staff. Because of this well, these students will be able to stay at school all ...

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World Hand-Washing Day

Partners In Development sponsored an event for World Hand-Washing Day at the Katombora Basic School. The activities included educational programming to understand the importance of hand washing, taught by the teachers, as well as dance, role-playing and making hand-washing fun. PID provided barrels for hand washing to make the water more accessible to the school and to conserve water from the well pump.

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Clinic Completion and Hand-over

In 2010, we built a maternity clinic at Katombora, Zambia. And now three years later, we handed over another clinic just opposite the maternity clinic. This clinic was a renovation project of an existing four-room clinic that once was the only health facility available to many villages within a ten-mile radius. The clinic was in need of much repair and updates to be adequate enough to serve this large population. This new facility has everything from a screening room to separate 'wards' for men, women and children. The planning and building of this project took over ...

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Support of Students in Rural Schools

On an ongoing basis we provide support to schools in rural villages in which we work. Some of the support we have provided in the past year include: Donated textbook, home economic supplies and uniforms to 7th through 9th grade students Supplied pencils, pencil sharpeners, and erasers for each school child at a basic school Took basic school children on a field trip, where some kids had never been to the town of Livingstone and most had never experienced the museum, airport and Victoria Falls For preschool children, donated educational materials, such as story ...

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Basketball Court Upgrades

Partners In Development refurbished the basketball court at Katombora, originally sponsored and built by our organization in 2005. The Katombora Basketball court was dreamed up by PID and officers at the Katombora Reformatory. It was built mainly to serve the reformatory but has been utilized by the local village school and the whole community. In our recent refurbishment, we installed new metal basketball goals which are permanent posts instead of moveable goalposts. We also installed a fitness station created and installed including a ‘chinning bar’ adjacent to ...

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