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The history of this system dates back to 1975, when 15 universities participated in a pilot study that aimed to save time in the long application process. This concept was a success and has been online since 1998..

This is the main reason why universities and colleges have adopted the online essay application process and applied the criteria regarding the word limit for regular essays in the application. In this context, the current lower word limit for an applied essay is 250 words, and the upper limit is 650 words, regardless of formatting and editing. Currently, software such as Microsoft Word allows real-time work. You can fix this issue with expert editing or seek help from experienced writers in a trusted academic writing service…

To prepare a competent project that can change the course of a trend forever, you must adhere to all the rules. Dissertation work is important for a doctoral degree and should not be taken lightly. Many people focus on the experimental part of the study and simplify the compilation process, which is a big mistake. To provide high quality work that can change your life, the best way is to hire a reputable research service with an experienced academic writer…

To do this, you should cut those parts of the essay, including words, sentences or paragraphs, that do not contribute to emphasizing the purpose of the essay. Also, to improve the quality of your essay, you should emphasize those parts that support or confirm the purpose of the essay. Writing an applied essay is a common process, however, it is not possible as it is difficult for you as a student to write a quality essay for this purpose due to lack of instructions. Consequently, when applying to more than one college, writing a general application can be difficult for you….


One issue when writing an application essay that concerns any student is the length of a typical application essay. However, it is easy to learn about this issue by doing internet research. Also, you may have had the practice of writing within the word limit in high school when your teacher was giving an essay with a difficult word limit or page limit. However, you and other students have encountered some writing problems with restrictive pages or words due to handwriting changes….