Filling a Shipping Container, ‘Making a Bundle’

“Make every home, every shack or rickety structure, a centre of learning” – Nelson Mandela, comment on education

Nelson Mandela, the first President of a democratic South Africa, would also support using shipping containers as school rooms and libraries. The 40 foot container that our friends and supporters have purchased, and is now sitting in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, is almost half full of supplies. This is for the people in Munyanya Village, in Zambia.

Our goal for shipping is $25,000.00 (US Dollars). A few days ago, friends and supporters gave $10,000.00 dollars. All we need now is $15,000.00, and that container will become a library/school room on the banks of the Zambezi River.

In Zambia, Cinyanja/Cicewa, a local language, there is a proverb, and it goes like this: “Pang’ono-pang’ono ndi mtolo.”  Translated in English, it means, “Little by little is the bundle made.” The library and school room for the children in Zambia is almost made. Please help us finish the BUNDLE, giving hope to the children.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

Fran Turner, President
Partners In Development

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