School Girls’ Needs

School children in rural Zambia face many hurdles—such as poverty, walking long distances to school, lack of clean water, and sanitation.

One of the main reasons that young girls drop out of school, in developing countries, is due to the lack of sanitation. We have built seven toilets in the area where we work. Another issue the young girls face in the community, is the lack of money needed to purchase sanitary pads during menstruation. A recent report told how young girls, will miss 50 days of school yearly, because they do not have five dollars a month to purchase pads—that is seventeen cents a day. Many females are forced to use anything—even old rags—and this causes embarrassment in front of their peers.

With your support of five dollars a month, we can make sure that around a hundred young girls in our area has this essential item that many in the world take for granted. Please consider making a donation to help girls obtain this basic item.