Malnutrition is Looming in Kazungula District

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Farmer receiving treadle pump

Farmer receiving treadle pump

Zambia has one of the highest rates of stunting in children under the age of five years in the world, with figures indicating 45.8 per cent, higher than the average 42 per cent for the African continent. Other forms of under-nutrition in Zambia include wasting or acute malnutrition (low weight for height), with about five per cent of children under the age of five years being wasted and under-weight, while about 54 per cent of children suffer from both vitamin A and iron deficiencies.

Despite impressive levels of economic growth over the last five to 10 years, the country’s progress in tackling malnutrition has lagged considerably behind other countries, many of which have been growing at much slower rates. The economic cost of under nutrition to Zambia since 2004-2013 is estimated to be as high as US$775 million. [Source: Miriam Zimba – TIMES OF ZAMBIA NEWSPAPER]

Early each day we are in Munyanya Village, which is located in the Kazungula District in Zambia. This area has been affected by persistent drought, and consequently low harvest of traditional food crops. In fact the Kazungula area has the harshest climatic conditions, rainfall less than 800mm, and a short crop-growing season.