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Construction on the Baobab Eco-Center

We are excited to announce that construction has begun on theBaobab Eco-Center! We have started cutting the poles to start the building structure. The rainy season is over now and so we have about seven months to finish the project in clear weather.  Materials that are being procured for building the center included teak timber, thatching grass and hardware for construction. We also are purchasing solar panels and equipment for supporting the center. Additional funding is always welcome to support the labor to help us to build the Center and for educational tools and supplies for us to open and make it fully functional. Contact us to make a ...

Supporting Children in Education

So far in 2020 we have provided funding for 162 students’ schooling in southern Zambia. Currently we anxiously await word on how schools will overcome the COVID pandemic to bring education to the children. We are looking at ways we can be proactive to help, and will continue to gather support to bring education to the marginalized and vulnerable children of rural Zambia.

First ‘Field of Hope’ Harvest!

The first harvest of maize from the ‘Field of Hope’ has been bagged and delivered to the women of multiple local villages who will distribute to the community. It is gratifying to see the product of so many hardworking people and generous donations, provide a vital need for so many. We cannot express our gratitude enough to those who make this possible. Your support gives hope to many marginalized and vulnerable people in rural Zambia. 

The Field of Hope

In 2018 the 50-acre ‘Field of Hope’ has was planned, and planting of crops began in 2019. Two oxen were purchased, and are now being used to plow. A third donkey has joined the two that we already have— where the third one came from, no one knows! The field has been already been very productive and the upcoming first harvest will be shared with a local village. We have experienced setbacks with an overabundance of rain causing some flooding late in the rainy season (as seen in the photo here), and trying to protect the crops from local wild animals. But with perseverance, the field will continue to expand and provide food security for more ...

Uniforms for Katombora Students

PID recently provided uniforms for Katombora students who were badly in need of this clothing for attending school. The order and donation included 30 sets of uniforms for both boys and girls in grades 7-9.

Initiatives and Achievements in Education

If it is not about education, then why are we doing it? Your support the past year has supported over 100 children in school. One student received her four-year nursing degree, and one her business college degree. Additionally, two others are going into their third year of nursing college. Some of this past year’s achievements include: Our pre-school now has over 40 children attending. Sanitary pads continue to be provided for our students and community. 50 Bibles were given to school children, as it is required for them to have a Bible for their religious education class. Our sports programs continue, with football (soccer), basketb...

2020 Project List

“There can be no keener revelation of society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” - Nelson Mandela As we plan for our upcoming year of service and support for the amazing people, and the communities in need in southern Zambia, we want to share some of these ambitious plans. The following list outlines our goals for the new year. Location: Munyanya Village; one hour west of Victoria Falls along the Zambezi River in Zambia Africa. The needs are as follows: Basketball Court ($15,000) Baobab Eco-Center($10,000.00) Doctors/Nursing/Clinic (10,000) School uniforms ($50.00; x 100=$5,000) Nutrition ...


Faith will be twelve years next month, and is in the sixth grade. When she completed grade five, she was number one in her class. It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation, that I say thank you, for your personal commitment and generous assistance, in keeping Faith, along with more than a hundred children, in school. One student has completed her four-year nursing degree, and two others have finished business college. Additionally, fifteen will return to boarding school in January, with the remaining attending day school. “If we are to reach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with children”- Mahatma Gandhi. In ...

Food Donations Needed

Recently we provided corn meal, oranges and fresh corn for a local village. For a donation of $10 we are able to provide 50 pounds of corn meal. With every small donation, we can make a difference. Reach out to us to share your tax deductible gift .

Shipping Container Arrived

After a tireless effort by Partners In Development and our amazing supporters, the shipping container filled with donated goods, has finally arrived in Zambia. On Saturday, September 14, the shipping container arrived in Munyanya Village at 9:30PM and we unloaded it the next day. Zambian Customs was present to see all the contents in the container. The people in the village are so happy. As the truck went through the village, the people came streaming out of the huts shouting. Children didn't go to bed because they were told the container was coming. Our Zambian friends have been more than helpful in seeing that the container didn't remain at ...